Correx is a corrugated plastic weatherproof material that is durable and ideal for outdoor temporary signs.  It is one of the lightest in weight, water-resistant substrates available.


These low cost correx signs information is normally screen printed onto the board, but self adhesive vinyl cut-out letters and digitally printed vinyl that is applied as a layer covering the board is also available.


The correx boards are mainly available in white and yellow and the board thickness are available in the following thicknesses:

  • 2mm
  • 3mm
  • 3.5mm
  • 4mm
  • 5mm

The most commonly used thickness is the 3mm correx board.



Screen Printing onto correx.


Special inks are used to adhere to the correx boards.  A range of spot colours and the four process colours � cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are available.

Process colour inks that are used for full colour printing differ in composition from the spot colour inks because full colour printing demands less bleed on the print that is common with screen printing.


The most common use for correx signs is for estate agents 'FOR SALE' signs. The standard measurements for these correx signs are 600mm x 400mm.

Correx signs can be printed single sided or double sided.


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